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Informational videos

About Us

Check out some videos about our firm.  Learn about our team, our process and the advantage of working with Landmark. 

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Do you have tax questions?  We have informational videos on tax refunds, tax planning and more.  

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is important and we understand it can be overwhelming. Check out some videos where Mark discusses estate planning and the difference between wills, trusts, and the titling of assets.  

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Saving for College

We have some great videos on ways to save for college and information on 529 plans. 

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Are you prepared for emergencies? Do you have a budget that allows you to save? Take a look at our videos discussing emergency funds and budgets.  

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Retirement Planning

Are you ready for retirement? Do you know your options for saving and how much you should save? Here are some videos covering these topics. 

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