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Office Operations Updated 5-20-20


We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy!  This is an update as of March 25, 2020.

Under direction from Governor Baker, in order to further restrict the transmission of Coronavirus (COVID-19), many people in Massachusetts are urged to stay home until Tuesday, April 7th at noon.  Only people who work for businesses that are considered essential for the operations of basic needs are allowed to travel to their work location.  As certified public accountants, we have been granted the right to continue to come to work so that we can help “process and maintain systems for processing financial transactions”, such as the preparation and filing of tax returns so that people who are due refunds may file and receive them as soon as possible.

Your safety and the safety of our staff remains our top priority. We are fortunate that all of our staff have the ability to work from home if they choose.  We also have a secure document portal which allows clients the chance to safely upload all tax documents. We urge everyone to make use of this portal whenever possible.  If it impractical to do so, we are accepting delivery of documents.  To do so, please call the office and make arrangements to meet someone outside the front door.

In addition, many of us have the ability to meet with you virtually through the use of a webcam and Zoom.  So, if anyone would like a video conference with us, we can make those arrangements. 

We continue to work on preparing tax returns during this critical time.  Some of our staff have agreed to come to the office, while others have decided to work remotely.  This will naturally slow down our process.  We remain committed to getting the work done, but we ask for your patience and understand that our turnaround time will likely be longer than usual.

Please feel free to call the office with any questions or concerns.