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Rebeca joined the firm in 2018.

Rebeca is primarily responsible for the firm’s first impression with clients and visitors and provides administrative support to the team through timely communication with clients and a variety of organizational tasks.  Rebeca has a keen ability to effectively communicate via phone and email ensuring that all clients receive timely information.

She brings more than 25 years of customer care experience to Landmark. In 1997 she worked for AT&T Broadband (called Comcast today) as a Customer Service rep where she excelled and was quickly advanced to other important roles.  When she left in 2006 she was working in the Finance Department for the VP. 

Rebeca is no stranger to the leadership role having spent years for Qualxserv (a third party vendor to Sony) as a District Operations Field manager where she managed and instructed 65 technicians who were responsible for Sony TV repairs and maintenance throughout the Eastern United States.  She also managed a privately owned IT management solutions company, where she supported the day-to-day functions for the CEO, which included customer service, scheduling employees and managing all field operations and supporting the finance role by using QuickBooks to invoice customers.

Rebeca enjoys micro brewing and making organic beauty products.  She also enjoys designing natural stone jewelry that she brings to fairs and local art events. Rebeca is also a lover of the arts and an avid art collector.

Rebeca is not registered with Osaic Wealth Management.